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Dr. Christoph Wildfeuer
University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland
Institute for Sensors and Electronics
Klosterzelgstrasse 2
CH-5210 Windisch

Christoph Wildfeuer Christoph Wildfeuer

  Research Interests in Math & Physics Recent Publications  
  Quantum Optics in Space Recent Publications  
  Remote Sensing at the ultimate limit Book  
  Channel Capacities for Cryptography Handbook of Optics Vol 4, Quantum Entanglement  
  Amateur Radio meets Quantum-Technologies Dissertation on Generation of Entangled States  
  Quantum Information and Cryptography Science paper on quantum-entanglement, Reprint  
  Quantum Sensors and Technologies Near-space flight of a correlated photon system  
  Software Defined Radio (SDR)    
  Fat Photons    

  Interesting Links Special Information  
  Video of Balloon launch in Konstanz 2012 Coat of Arms  
  Quantum Electronics at Duke University Ein Balloon 37km über dem Bodensee  
  QST Group at LSU Pictures of our Balloon launch in Konstanz  
  Nice Introduction to SRT and ART (German) Ballonstart Kanti Sursee, Sept. 2013  
  Caltech Quantum Mechanics Course Talk about Quantum Technology for Space in Kobe, Japan, May 2014  
  Handbook of Applied Cryptography Successful balloon launch on Oct. 14, 2014 in Sursee
  Space Quantum Experiment    
  The Economist: Entanglement takes off    
Christoph Wildfeuer
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